Working days: 8.00 - 20.00

Physiotherapy Clinic

In the physiotherapy clinic we support the recovery of patients, who suffered orthopaedic traumas, require post-op rehabilitation, and those who struggle with day-to-day activities because of the pain.

Patient-tailored physiotherapy

In the clinic we run therapy for patients with orthopaedic or neuromuscular impairments impacting on their mobility. We support athletes (professional and recreational) through training preparation, education on biological renewal in sports and post-injury rehabilitation. With suitably selected therapy we help to eliminate the pain and we support our patients in regaining physical fitness, that will improve their quality of life.

The following treatments are available to the patients of our surgery


Manual therapy

Kaltenborn method (OMT)

PNF therapy

Sports/ therapeutic massage

In the office:

During the initial consultation the physiotherapist will establish the cause of the problem by running functional examinations and interviewing the patient. Following that, he will select and discuss appropriate treatment. During the treatment the physiotherapist will oversee the conducted activities, correcting any mistakes and, if needed, choose exercises and instruct how to do them at home.

Home visits

For patients who are unable to access physiotherapy sessions in the clinic, we can make arrangements for our physiotherapist to visit you at home. Thanks to professional equipment, physiotherapy at home does not impact negatively on patient’s progress!

Complex Medical care

In the Special Medical Centre, we work as a team and take an interdisciplinary approach. During orthopaedic and surgical consultations, we offer the opportunity to discuss and compare the benefits of surgical treatment and properly planned physiotherapy.

Patients visiting the Physiotherapy clinic are under the care of MSc Tomasz Niedźwiedzki – physiotherapist with extensive professional experience. Long-time associate of Polish Cycling Federation, physiotherapist of the National Junior team of road and track cycling. Worked as physiotherapist during Cycling World Cups, European and World Championships.

Physical therapist

General and vascular surgery specialist, proctologist

Specialist in orthopaedics and traumatology of musculoskeletal system